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    InterGuru's E-Mail Address Book Conversions

    Since 1996

    Resume MS Word, pdf.

This service converts e-mail address lists between:

Windows Users: Looking for a fast, simple, and low-cost solution to contact information conversion challenges?

Address Magic Personal Edition offers you a smoother conversion in a Windows environment than the InterGuru service described below.

Unlike my more generalized service, Address Magic focuses on Windows and uses special methods built into Windows. As a result, it supports all contact fields and can work with complex environments like Outlook, Exchange Server, and Lotus Notes.

Leaving AOL?

Convert your address books to Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express with ePreserver.

Connected Software is an Internet Partner of Interguru. Purchasing ePreserver helps support the Interguru site.

Corporate Migrations

Interguru recommends that corporate users who need to convert large numbers of Windows users should investigate Address Magic Enterprise Edition . Your purchase of this software helps support Interguru.  

Also Note:

Convert Your Address Book

This is a Web-based conversion. For programs convert your address book on your machine, see Address Magic (Windows only) and Dawn (UNIX and Windows).

To run this, check one button for the input list and one for the output list. 
Then push the Continue button and follow the instructions.  
Note: you cannot convert a mailing list to itself.

Convert From:

Convert To:

Netscape 3
Mozilla Thunderbird and Ldif
Netscape 6
Database/Tab-Ascii/Compuserve/Spry/csv/Juno/Unix mail (.mailrc)
MicrosoftExplorer /Outlook/Exchange/WAB/PAB
Lotus Notes
Claris Emailer and Mac AOL
Forte Agent
Netscape 3
Netscape 4, Mozilla, Thunderbird and Ldif
Tab Ascii/csv/spreadsheets/databases/Palm Pilot/etc
MS Explorer/Outlook/Interchange/WAB

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